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Two sisters, both beautiful enough to be a top model. But one of them is pure poison – and she puts them both in mortal danger.

Mia and Michelle couldn’t look more alike – or act more differently. Mia’s always been the glamorous one, the girl everyone wants to get close to. And now she’s a model on the edge of fame.

Michelle looks just like Mia, but fame is the last thing she wants. She’s much more interested in the man who’s fallen in love with her, even though Mia seems to have driven him away.

But Mia can’t wait to sample the lawless thrills that come with success, and when it all goes wrong, it’s Michelle who has to try to save her sister’s career.

That’s something Mia will never, ever forgive.


Heller is the frontrunner in a burgeoning subgenre which might loosely be described as Martina Cole-lite ... A thoroughly gripping, one-sitting read from start to finish. Nice one, Mandasue!’ (Guardian Books on Two Faced)