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''Gritty, contemporary, inner-city drama'

(Bookseller )

'Mandasue has played a real blinder with this fantastic novel.' (Martina Cole on FORGET ME NOT )

''Alarming and beguiling . . . curiously exhilarating.' (Scotsman on THE FRONT )

'A hard-hitting tale of sex, drugs and guest lists . . . things turn from glamorous to dangerous.' (Marie Claire )

'Gripping . . . powerful writing.' (Scotland on Sunday on FORGET ME NOT )

'A glamorous nightclub hides a seedy underworld that Heller knows only too well.' (Express )

'A sassy take on the usual crime thriller ... a slick page-turner.' (Woman magazine )

'Sexy and slick' (Look )

'Another excellent read from Mandasue Heller' (Linnet Hooper, Waterstone's Books Quaterly )


Jenna Lorde knows she’s taking on a challenge when she inherits her dad’s nightclub. But Zenith comes with a top class reputation and a location other clubs would kill for, so she reckons she’s more than up for it.

Until she starts to realise that the dangers aren’t just from other clubs. Beneath the glamour of the VIP lounge and the pumping music, sleaze and corruption are starting to creep in, and it’ll take everything Jenna has to stop the rot.

The club’s survival and her own depend on it.