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'Mandasue has played a real blinder with this fantastic novel' (Martina Cole on Forget Me Not )

'A cracking page-turner' (Manchester Evening News on Forget Me Not )

'Powerful writing' (Scotland on Sunday on Forget Me Not )

'Alarming and beguiling' (The Scotsman on The Front )


At the age of seven, Sarah Mullen is put into care by her drug-addicted mother. Trying to live with the rejection is bad enough, but no one could have prepared her for the pain that is yet to come.

Harry Shaw is the boy everyone loves to bully, the kid whose own mother locked him in a cupboard so she wouldn’t have to look at his ugly face. When he meets Sarah for the first time, a friendship is instantly forged.

Then into their lives comes Vinnie Walker; a good-looking, calculating thirteen-year-old. Rejected by his own mother, this is Vinnie’s last chance to change his ways.

As the years pass and they become adults, their lives take very different routes. But sooner or later their paths will cross again and someone somewhere will commit the most heinous crime of all…murder.