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Manchester’s Westy Lane is the hunting ground for a killer who leaves a tiny blue flower in the torn body of each victim after he kills her.

Lisa Noone, twelve years old and wise beyond her years, lives too near the lane and her mother is a member of the oldest profession in the book. Their lives are far from perfect, but they will always have each other. Or will they?


One night Benny arrives in Lisa’s life. tall, dark, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen, Benny is not all he seems. While Lisa savours true love, Benny wants more from her than she will ever know.


Mandasue has played a real blinder with this great novel (Martina Cole on Forget Me Not)

'Exhilarating' (Scotsman)

'A confident take on the serial murder genre.' (Irish News - Belfast )

'Powerful writing' (Scotland on Sunday)

'One novel not to be forgotten in a hurry.' (Belfast Newsletter )

'Gripping' (Scotland on Sunday)